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2 New Exciting Outdoor Artworks in New York This Summer
By David Beringher
August 22, 2023

Two must-visit sculptures have just debuted in New York City in equally incredible outdoor locations. Whether you’re visiting the city or a resident looking for a new reason to love where you live, plan your weekend around these epic free experiences.

Nicholas Galanin’s 30-foot steel sculpture In every language there is Land / En cada lengua hay una Tierra is an engaging site-specific work at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, framed by two famous bridges and set against the full Manhattan skyline. Presented by Public Art Fund, four giant letters spell out “LAND” in an arrangement and font that references Robert Indiana’s famous “LOVE” design. Using the same material and height as the US-Mexico border wall, it’s an intense mix of emotions that ultimately finds openness and connection.

This metal is not a “copy” of the border wall – it’s the actual material that would otherwise be in route to the wall’s construction right now. Given that provocative fact, the biggest surprise on my visit was that it felt significantly more joyous than dividing, more hopeful than polarizing. It’s about borders in general, and the demonstration of an optimistic alternative to how we view the land.


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