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"Visual Artist Nicholas Galanin Is Redefining Reality at Peter Blum Gallery"
By Michelle Laver
May 9, 2022

Multidisciplinary Artist Nicholas Galanin, Is Using His Cultural Landscape And Traditions To Alter The Art World Like Never Before.

The sculptures, paintings, textiles, and installations in the exhibition, at Peter Blum Gallery on the Lower East Side focus on Nicholas Galanin’s standing as a Tlingit and Unangax̂ artist exploring Indigenous identity and various conceptions and misconceptions surrounding it. 

Working with Peter Blum Gallery, the team saw something exquisite within his inspiring cultural pieces.

“We came upon the work of Nicholas Galanin and were immediately struck and excited by his insightful and intelligent art.” – David Blum, Director of Peter Blum Gallery. 

The gallery located on Grand Street New York is pleased to present a second-time solo exhibition of newly awe-inspiring work by Nicholas Galanin entitled, It Flows Through
 It Flows Through consists of several extraordinary world pieces. From ‘White Flag’, a flag made from the hide of a polar bear shot, to ‘Anax̱ Yaa Nadéin (it is flowing through it)’, a consideration of persistence and the consequences of resistance – his work speaks wonders.
According to Nicholas Galanin, the exhibition speaks to persistence. Indigenous People’s history and evolution flow through their bodies, minds, and souls like a river. “These connections flow like water in varied ways, from gentle imperceptible movements to sudden forces, each capable of moving, shaping, and wearing down stone,” states Galanin.

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