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The 10 Best Booth at ADAA: The Art Show 2023
By: Maxwell Rabb
November 3, 2023

Peter Blum Gallery
Booth D9

With works by Sonja Sekula

American Abstract Expressionist Sonja Sekula’s first show was with Peggy Guggenheim’s New York gallery in 1943. Then, for a decade, she showed with Betty Parsons. Her work bridges Surrealist tactics and geometric abstraction, and was frequently shown with the work of contemporaries such as Willem de Kooning and Lee Krasner. Since she passed away in 1963, however, Sekula’s oeuvre has been underrecognized.

“She didn’t have a prominent male artist figure propping up her career, like someone like Elaine de Kooning would have, for instance, so that was to her detriment,” Kyle Connors, associate director of Peter Blum Gallery, told Artsy.

Peter Blum Gallery’s solo booth of works by Sekula revitalizes and shines a spotlight on her remarkable yet overlooked contributions to the world of Abstract Expressionism. In doing so, the gallery hopes to position Sekula alongside her esteemed peers. Her works, like Pour l'Animal Noir (1945) and Mon Cœur (1948), range from $12,000 to $170,000.

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