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Artists to Watch This Month: 10 Solo Gallery Exhibitions to See In New York Before the End of the Year
By Annikka Olsen
December 11, 2023

Whether you are just returning to the city from Miami or simply wanting to see what’s on in the city before the holidays, we’ve rounded up 10 solo exhibitions that are not to be missed before the end of the year. And though the weather may have turned cold, the art scene is hot in New York City.

From an artist mining the “cat lady” cliché through ceramics to a fiber artist pushing the boundaries of their medium to a painter imagining a vivid fantasy world populated by fairies, these 10 artists span the dynamic landscape of art-making today.

Erik Lindman, “Helian”
Peter Blum Gallery, through January 20

Marking the first time that the breadth of artist Erik Lindman’s practice will be on view simultaneously, Peter Blum Gallery is staging “Helian,” featuring the artist’s paintings and sculptures, as well as works on paper. A native New Yorker, Lindman’s work relays his fascination with both material and composition across genre.

Informed by found materials such as steel fragments or heavyweight fabric webbing, Lindman constructs his works in such a way that they may be read holistically rather than by their elements or parts. In his paintings, a central form, evoking a bird or a humanoid form, frequently emerges from a monochromatic field. Lindman builds up the area with paint and mixed-in media to give it texture and “topography,” creating a ground that dialogues with the ambiguous figure. Lindman’s sculptures similarly explore material, but with the advantage of having a third dimension, allowing for experiments with perspective. Ultimately, “Helian” offers a new take on abstraction and its possibilities today.


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