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Explore 7 Artworks by Native American Artists From the Artnet Gallery Network
By Artnet Gallery Network
December 26, 2023

Traditional beading techniques, lithographs, and photography are just a few of the mediums these creators are engaging with.

Before we bid adieu to 2023 and welcome in 2024, we at the Artnet Gallery Network pulled together one last roundup for the year of art that intrigued or inspired us. Over the thousands of combined galleries, artists, and artworks we came across, we found a distinct and exciting presence of art made by Native American artists. From pieces made using traditional, hand-beaded techniques and others showing innovative uses of abstraction in painting, this collection of works by Native American artists certainly caught our eye.

Jeffrey Gibson, THE FUTURE IS PRESENT (2019). 
Nicholas Galanin, Signal Disruption, American Prayer Rug (2020)
James Luna, Half Indian/Half Mexican (2010)
Anonymous, Plains Indian Beaded Burial Moccasins (ca. 1890–1900)
Marie Watt, Companion Species (What’s Going On) (2017)
Fritz Scholder, Orange Butterfly #2 (n.d.)
Pablita Abeyta, Sitting Woman (n.d.)
Sara Siestreem, couplet (2017)

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