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Must See: Group Exhibition, "Fabric"
By Artforum
May 26, 2023

Peter Blum Gallery is pleased to present Fabric, a group exhibition featuring Alighiero e Boetti, Louise Bourgeois, Sonya Clark, Josh Faught, Rochelle Feinstein, Nicholas Galanin, Esther Kläs, Kimsooja, Turiya Magadlela, Jordan Nassar, and Shinique Smith. There will be an opening reception at 176 Grand Street, New York on Wednesday, May 31 from 6pm – 8pm. The exhibition runs through July 21, 2023.

Fabric brings together 11 artists that make use of textiles in their practice, exploring the complex associations that the medium holds, encompassing public and private, local and global, how we decorate our own bodies, and how we assess the adorned bodies of others. Each of these artists uniquely explores the friction inherent in the status of textiles in fine art, elevating and further validating the medium.

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