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Robert Zandvliet at the Dordrechts Museum, Netherlands

Installation of Dawn to Dusk, 2019

Photo by Manuela Porceddu

Landscape, light and color are important subjects in the work of Robert Zandvliet (Terband, 1970). The Dawn to Dusk exhibition is on display as a result of his mural Aan 't Groothoofd in the Dordrechts Museum. It combines works by Zandvliet with paintings from the museum collection selected by him.

Zandvliet's practice is a continuous investigation of painting, its possibilities and history. Landscape painting in the Netherlands has a rich tradition, which is well represented in the collection of the Dordrecht Museum. A number of paintings from the collection were a source of inspiration for Aan 't Groothhoofd. Zandvliet, for example, refers to the work of painters such as Constant Gabriel, Johan Barthold Jongkind and Edgar Fernhout, whose work is well represented in the museum collection. These and other paintings show different painterly approaches to landscape, time and light.

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