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Nicholas Galanin included in "Messages from Our Planet: Digital Art from the Thoma Collection" at Grand Rapids Art Museum

Messages from Our Planet brings together over twenty software, video, and light-technology artworks from artists working at the forefront of digital and electronic art.

Messages from Our Planet proposes that digital technologies offer distinct ways for artists to communicate with future generations. In the hands of these creative artists computer code, digital data, video games, and even discarded electronic parts, become engaging works of art with the power to express their unique beliefs, ideas, and desires.

Digital art is a term used to describe art that is created, stored, or presented using digital technology. It can be created in an incredible variety of mediums, including video, digital photography, computer-generated graphics, and more. Many artists combine digital tools with traditional media like Detroit-based artist Matthew Angelo Harrison who uses custom software and a hand-made 3D printer to create ceramic sculptures. Other artists remain exclusively within the digital realm and often utilize tools not originally intended for artistic expression, like Mohawk artist Skawennati who built sets, created characters, and filmed her video TimeTraveller™ within the video game Second Life. As digital technology becomes intertwined with our everyday existence and continues to advance, new avenues of expression will continue to open for today’s artists.

Curated and Supported by the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation

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