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Esther Kläs at the KOLUMBA Museum, Cologne, Germany

Esther Kläs and Gustavo Gomes. Photo and clothing by Sarah Aphrodite.

DE-COR (lake)
A performance by and with Esther Kläs and Gustavo Gomes
Saturday July 24 - Sunday July 25 2021, 4:00 p.m.

Esther Kläs overcomes the boundaries of the performing and visual arts with ease: In addition to the presentation of current sculptures and works on paper in our exhibition "The Little Game Between Me and Me" - Art and Choreography, she is a cooperation with Gustavo Gomes, dancer with Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference. Her first collaboration for the TON performance in Kolumba in September last year was followed by the beginning of July 2021 in Watou DE-COR (RIFFIN), Belgium. The story of a river is continued with DE-COR (lake) in Kolumba. Esther Kläs and Gustavo Gomes will use their bodies and costumes designed by the Dutch designer Sarah Aphrodite to create shared spaces of experience and talk about freedom, empathy,

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