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Esther Kläs at Proyecto AMIL, Peru

Installation of ola / wave at Proyecto AMIL, Lima, Peru, 2017

'Encounters, confrontation, traces. Above all, presence. '  

In ola / wave, the exhibition of the Barcelona-based German artist Esther Kläs, these things happen on multiple levels. The exhibition brings together different groups of works: tall monolithic sculptures, mixed media drawings / engravings, and flat-surface, skin-like silicone sculptures that the artist made during her three-month residency in Lima earlier this year. Simplifying, we could affirm that the vertical sculptures occupy the space demonstrating their presence, while the silicone pieces on the floor describe a negative space.

Through the meeting of the works, these spaces are inverted. The large format drawing consisting of three panels clearly exposes this movement. Traces of past lines overlap thick earlier marks, giving way to new lines. Everything is visible, everything is important to reach the final result.  

Esther's work is presented to us 'raw', the surface is considered at the beginning and not at the end. Strong entities play with each other, forming groups and views through the two rooms of the main gallery of Proyecto AMIL.  

Two events have been organized around the exhibition. The first event 'A conversation on the move' will take place on November 10 and will be an informal chat between the artist and the founder of the AMIL Project, Juan Carlos Verme. The second, on November 23, will be a 45-minute 'meeting / action' in which the artists Moyra Silvia Rodriguez and Nia Merea Massignan will participate.  

A catalog produced in collaboration with freelance writer and curator Philip Larratt-Smith will be published.

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