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Book Release: "Mollino/Insides" 2020

Cover of Mollino/Insides: Enoc Perez, Brigitte Schindler, Carlo Mollino, 2020


Mollino/Insides: Enoc Perez, Brigitte Schindler, Carlo Mollino
Text by Mario Diacono, Fulvio Ferrari, Enoc Perez.

Architectural photographs and gestural paintings of the Via Napione in Turin—home to Carlo Mollino

For Mollino/Insides, Puerto Rican painter Enoc Perez (born 1967) and German photographer Brigitte Schindler focus on Turin’s Via Napione—the last residence of renowned Italian architect, designer and photographer Carlo Mollino (1905–1973). The exhibition gathers Perez’s paintings and Schindler’s photographs alongside photographs by Mollino himself.

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