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Alex Katz at Voorlinden Museum

Museum Voorlinden is proud to present a new solo exhibition of the legendary American painter Alex Katz. From 10 June to 1 October, you can see a special selection from the rich oeuvre of the 95-year-old artist, including iconic portraits, flat sculptures (cut-outs) and monumental landscapes.

The bright colors, smooth surfaces and sharp compositions. The cool abstract style, monochromatic backgrounds and monumental scale. One instantly recognizes the work of the legendary Alex Katz (1927). For nearly eight decades, he has been painting American culture and modern society. Like no other, Katz knows how to capture the ‘immediate present’ as he calls it. The painter is inspired by the formal language of dance, television, movies and billboards. Katz is considered one of the most important American painters of the 20th century. His work is praised for its unique style and technique and can be seen in museums around the world – and from June 10 at Voorlinden.

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