Rosy Keyser
Rivers Burn and Run Backward

February 28 – April 19, 2008
at Peter Blum Chelsea

Goings on About Town

The New Yorker
April 8, 2008


Keyser, who identifies herself as a “neo brut” artist, retains the crustiness and anti-academic aesthetic of Jean Dubuffet, the founder of Art Brut, but discards the postwar nihilism. Instead, her abstractions are almost cheerful, as if enamel, sawdust, and mica were bursting from the core of the canvas and blossoming out toward the edges. If Keyser’s works, with their primarily black, white, and neutral palette, look a bit retro, chalk it up to the fact that Keyser is one of a growing number of painters who are circling back, after several decades of irony worship, to old-fashioned, unbridled expression. Through April 19. (Blum, 526 W. 29th St. 212-244-6055.)