Rosy Keyser
Promethean Dub

September 15 – November 12, 2011
at Peter Blum Chelsea

Goings On About Town: Art, Rosy Keyser

The New Yorker
October 1, 2011


“Painting was dead,” the artist Stephen Parrino once said, “so I started engaging in necrophilia.” Keyser exhibits a similarly nihilistic urge in her ambitious third show at Blum. The nearly eight-foot-tall “Whistle Axis,” made of marine enamel, wood, and canvas on steel, suggests a roughed-up and rusty garage door. Other pieces have been coated with sawdust or hammered with nails. Yet for all their battered heft, these works are full of visual poetry (note how the nail heads resolve into a starry constellation). Keyser mines unexpected riches from her grisaille palette: in “Tänzerin,” a shock of white spray paint sparks like a flash of light in the depths of a cave. This is art as alchemy—mysterious, generative, raw. Through Nov. 12