Richard Allen Morris
Morris Code: Works from 1957 to 2007

March 21 – May 9, 2009
at Peter Blum Chelsea

Richard Allen Morris

The New Yorker
April 27, 2009

Here’s perhaps the best living septuagenarian artist you’ve never heard of. An outsider with insider links (John Baldessari is an old friend), Morris toys ingeniously with conventions of painting and sculpture in San Diego, where he has worked in bookstores for the past fifty years. Tiny abstractions inventory and burlesque types of “expressive” brushwork. Pictures of faces in profile are painted too badly or too well, or somehow both, to define the Pop style they suggest. Best are Morris’s “guns”: detritus reliefs that distantly assume pistol and rifle shapes with very free, infectious cadenzas of wood scraps, shoe parts, fabric, rope, nails, plastic, and, say, a brush, a clothespin, a whistle, a pint tube, or a toy nightstick.