John Beech
Recent Sculpture and Large Scale Drawings

May 19 – September 10, 2005
at Peter Blum SoHo

John Beech

The New Yorker
September 12, 2005

Beech takes a page from the book of John Baldessari, who’s known for blocking out the faces of people in photographs to eliminate expression and, therefore, narrative. In his “Dumpster Drawings,” Beech paints over inanimate objects—parked cares, for instance—in black-and-white photographs mounted on aluminum, achieving stationary blob subjects that blur the lines between abstraction and representation. A particularly pleasing example is made by coloring in the diamond shapes outlined by a chain-link fence. A series of “Rotating Paintings”—Plexiglas lazy Susans painted with pale, monochrome shades of green or yellow or orange—accomplish another form of slippage, steering paintings into the arena of sculpture, or perhaps vice versa.