Huma Bhabha: Critic's Pick

New York Magazine (online)
October 5, 2007


New York

October 5, 2007

Huma Bhabha

Critics' Pick

Salon 94
12 E. 94th St., New York, NY 10128
nr. Fifth Ave.


Following up on her breakthrough at ATM last year, Bhabha's triple show is a tour de force of archeology, form, memory, and post-apocalyptic dreams. Strange, cobbled-together figures—part Egyptian, part Mesopotamian, part junkyard, and part alien totem pole—stand like sentinels of history and golems of the imagination. A lone pair of feet stands in for a millennium of lost civilizations, passing time, and rediscovered sources. This don’t-miss outing is a candidate for best show of the year.